Loan Servicing

Having an experienced loan servicer that is independent from the credit performance of the portfolio and has an independent risk management and compliance focus brings many safeguards to portfolio lending.

Since 1996 the Balmain Group has been a major shareholder in AMAL Asset Management Limited (AMAL). With over $A9 billion of portfolios serviced in both Australia and New Zealand, AMAL is the leading independent loan servicer in the region. AMAL’s services include primary servicing, special servicing, standby servicing and trust management and it has the highest possible servicer ranking from Standard and Poor’s of ‘STRONG’.

A highly experienced team of administration, credit and IT staff cater for a wide range of asset classes including commercial, residential, consumer, leasing and other asset-backed receivables. Loan servicing clients include trading and investment banks, non-bank lenders, fund managers and securitised programs and range from the smallest start up to portfolios in excess of $A1 billion in size.